Monday, February 13, 2012

Matt Corby

I just might think this guy is a little too good looking and a little too good at singing for his own best. You have to listen to him! His track "Brother" is my absolutely favorite! Goose bumps all the way though the song!

You might recognize him from Australian idol...



Sunday, February 12, 2012

A freak like me just needs infinity


Kind readers!

Okey, this picture above is really small, but I hope you can see something of it!
Anyway, comments like this makes me really happy! Thank you Maria! haha :D Too bad I walked by so fast! Next time you see me.... just shout my name or something!

Sundays are study-days for me so I gotta start with that now! Have I nice sunday everyone!

Watch out.


One thing that all of these photos have in common is that there's a watch somewhere in the picture. I love watches of all kinds, but I have to say the bigger they are the more I like them. I really fancy the watch and bracelets combination as well!

Sorry for the small images, if I made them bigger they would become too blurry! The images are from this tumblr.