Friday, January 10, 2014

Stylish Women



Love this! 

Daria Werbowy

Xmas in Mexico

Photos: All rights reserved 

Hello there! I believe a Happy New Year is in order! This christmas I was with my family in Mexico and had a total blast! My mothers sister has a house riiight on the beach there, so there were a lot of bathing, tanning and a little bit of surfing - love it! I don't think I've ever taking this many photos on one trip before... Over 5000 pics in two weeks, that's pretty well done considering we almost lied on the beach every day! It took some time finding my favorites, but now I've got them! Ahh, just looking at them now makes me wanna go back! Hopefully I can be there next christmas as well! 

I hope you got the Xmas and New years eve you wanted!