Saturday, May 5, 2012

Screw You Slippers

Oh how I wish these slippers were mine, mine, MINE! I completely love them. I've been longing for them for so long now... but I still can't afford them! But if you can, you really should visit this site or store and buy yourself some extremely nice slippers. And of course I would wear these slippers to jeans and dresses and so on...there's no limit here! That's all I had to say for the moment.

Natalie Joos



Outfit from last week, as always! But guess what I did last night!? I went to see LMFAO! They were so good. I mean they don't sing that well, it's not like you enjoy listening to their voice like you do with Adele for example. But they do, for sure, know how to entertain! They really make you laugh and their music makes you wanna dance! Very nice evening in other words! I'll show you some pictures and maybe a video shortly. 

Shorts -Zara, shirt -Topshop, leather jacket -Hm, shoes -converse, bag -Ralph Lauren, belt -Massimo dutti, sunnies -Uterqüe, necklace with bullet -Urban outfitters, necklace with squares -Eva Attling  


Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Outfit from last week, now it's really sunny and warm here in Stockholm so I wouldn't have needed that jacket and scarf today for sure! So lovely! Late spring and summer are my favorites seasons, 'cause then I can finally get some color on my normally-extremely-pale skin tone.... :/

The last picture is just because I think it's soooo hilarious! I've always wanted to do that.... And I will! Some day! :)

Hope u doin' good!

Leather jacket -Hm, scarf -Cos, dress -Filippa K, shoes -converse

Circle of life