Thursday, August 30, 2012

A dip in the flowers

Yesterday I went home from school because I was feeling sick with fever and all :( Been home from school the whole day today as well, gosh, I really hate laying in bed all day doing nothing... I mean, it's when you can't hit the gym or start with that essay that's due next week, you most feel like doing it! Oh well! I was a bit bored so I dip dyed my hair again... Not sure how I feel about it though. It's like the seventh time I'm doing it, and when I first started with this (2 years ago) no one else had it... now everyone who wants to be a bit "different" have it... not my thing anymore I believe. And you'll have to excuse my pale and I'm-so-sick-face.

The colored hair is a bit camouflaged among the flowers.. hehe :)

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